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Let’s talk! What is it that you really want? What’s missing from your life? Together, we explore your goals, challenges, fears, and desires. We will work to identify and release limiting beliefs, bring light to your blind spots, and create a new definition of success. Although your coaching engagement will be completely bespoke, we will oftentimes work in 5 main areas:

  • Psychology – your beliefs. We examine the stories you’ve told yourself, or believed when other people told you, so you may discover if these beliefs serve your goals.
  • Body – optimal health and well-being. We work to create a healthy mind-body relationship that creates a confident and empowered self.
  • Your Circle – the people that influence your life, and those whom you influence. We’ll build a supportive community that inspires you to maintain your highest self.
  • Language – intentional communication. Have your words, thoughts and beliefs align with your vision for your life. Communicate with others in an authentic, powerful way.
  • Mindfulness – observing thoughts and feelings. Release the past, explore the present without judgment, and release attachments to the future.
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This program is a 1-year commitment that includes two 1-day intensives where we meet in person to work on your bespoke plan of attack in service of your goals. In addition, you are offered ongoing email, phone, and text support for the duration of your 1-year commitment.


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Looking to ignite and inspire your organization?

Book a powerful and interactive presentation on the following topics: Mindset, Leadership, Authenticity, The Power of Choice, Defining Your Purpose

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