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Collaborate with Derek

Derek’s soul-centered approach to life and leadership have led to incredible collaborations with the US Air Force, Tulane University, and other prestigious organizations. Derek offers his audiences fresh new perspectives to create lasting results. He is not just a trainer; he also engages the audience and challenges their thoughts, mindset, and perspectives. If you’re in need of an organizational mindset boost, suffer from low morale, or simply want to inject new life into boring presentations, Derek is ready to serve you!

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Podcast with Better
Living Coaching

I was interviewed for the Better Living Coaches series, hosted by super coach Deanna Danski. We talk about leadership, vulnerability, mental health, and how my leadership style changed after leaving the military.


Mr. Derek Ketelsen presented "Creating the Life and Career You Desire," for our Quarterly Student Empowerment Seminar. Prior to the event, Mr. Ketelsen provided a consultation to determine our needs and our desired intent of the presentation. He was very personable, accommodating, and the ultimate professional.

Mr. Ketelsen developed a customized and well thought out presentation. It was invigorating and included the perfect blend of interactive elements, quotes, and videos capturing the audience's attention. He has truly mastered the ability to create the manifestation of your ideal presentation while providing relevant and thought-provoking material tailored for the targeted audience.

We highly recommend Mr. Ketelsen for any public speaking event - he is sure to wow you.