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Derek Ketelsen - Life Coach
LifeMental Health

6 Steps to Self-Care

I love this photo of a bridge near Georgetown in DC. It’s an old bridge. Millions of cars have used it. Understandably, it’s under maintenance. Without it, the bridge would become unstable and jeopardize the safety of all whom come into contact with it. But oh, aren’t we all the…
Derek Ketelsen
December 7, 2018
Featured Image for Changing of the Season Blog Post

The Seasons of Life Change

One of the biggest expansions in my life has been to accept the seasons. No, not the warm to hot, to warm to cold seasons. The seasons of life. I’m in a season of complete gratitude, abundance, health, and happiness. But, perhaps just like you, my life has been up…
Derek Ketelsen
December 7, 2018