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With age comes wisdom or clarity, at least for me.

After successful careers as an active duty officer and then as a civilian, in the US Air Force, I followed my purpose to become a full-time coach.

As I scroll through Instagram I see a lot of younger people killing it, in their twenties, and I’m happy for them!

It took me a bit longer to find my groove and sift out what kind of impact I wanted to make and who and HOW I’d serve in a purpose greater than myself.

Here I am, nearing 40, loving life, living intentionally, and serving my clients in a powerful and enriching way.

It’s okay to not know what your purpose is right now, the important thing is to find it by being in action.

Try new things. Switch careers. Be bold in your life!

You’ll find your sweet spot. It took me a while, but I did. I’m confident you can too.

Derek Ketelsen

Hi, I’m Derek, but most call me DK. I am a life and leadership coach to High Achievers and Difference Makers. I help professional men and women like you who are striving for a life of success, happiness, fulfillment, and balance – and I help you create it!