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One of the biggest expansions in my life has been to accept the seasons. No, not the warm to hot, to warm to cold seasons. The seasons of life.

I’m in a season of complete gratitude, abundance, health, and happiness. But, perhaps just like you, my life has been up and down. I’ve been through being seriously burned, having a brain tumor, 7 knee surgeries, clinical depression/anxiety, self-doubt, the losses of a baby (miscarriage), my dad, and my grandpa. That’s the condensed version.

The expansion came from accepting that there is always polarity – what’s up, comes down.

When I learned to deal with anxiety, I would actually acknowledge what was happening and then envision the anxiety like a rolling thunderstorm but imagined I could see blue sky on the horizon. A thunderstorm blows through. It has an end. Acknowledging this instead of resisting it was key to becoming anxiety free and now allows me to help others who suffer from the same (it’s more common than we acknowledge!).

Just as we have seasons of loss, we also have seasons of birth and growth. My family has grown by two amazing children, my greatest teachers. My business is growing by leaps, which has a positive ripple effect by the impact my clients allow me to create with them.

So what?

You might be in a wintry season. Dealing with depression. Suffering from addiction or substance abuse. Perhaps you’ve lost a job or a loved one. Maybe it’s the lowest you’ve ever been.

Please read and repeat this:

THIS IS A SEASON, AND IT HAS AN END. The best is coming for me, and I receive it!

Visualize that blue sky in the storm and know that the storm always passes. It always passes! The seasons come and go, and we can influence how long the seasons of life can be.

I’m in your corner, cheering you on in your Spring and Summer, and reaching a hand out to you in your Winter. Ride the wave, accept the seasons, and be open to a period of expansion of your own!

To your success!


Derek Ketelsen

Hi, I’m Derek, but most call me DK. I am a life and leadership coach to High Achievers and Difference Makers. I help professional men and women like you who are striving for a life of success, happiness, fulfillment, and balance – and I help you create it!


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